February 13, 2016 San Francisco Chronicle Wine Competition Public Tasting  -  We will pour our award winning wines:  Double Gold 2013 Zinfandel, Gold Medal 2013 Papa Nonno,  Silver Medal 2012 Cabernet Sauvignon and 2012 Pinot Noir at Fort Mason Center, San Francisco between 1:30-5pm.  Tickets for this event are $70-95 and can be purchased at http://www.winejudging.com.  Hope we might see you there.

Forchini Vineyards & Winery directs our Annual Winery Events towards our Club Members, Favorite Customers and their guests.  In general we do not participate in large public tastings events at the winery where large crowds can become noisey, crowded and make it difficult to talk with interesting and serious customers who come to learn about our wines, vineyards and history. We offer special pricing at these Annual Winery Events in appreciation of the participation and patronage we receive from our loyal Club Members and Favorite Customers over the years.

Annual Winery Events

March Barrel Tasting – The entire month is devoted to barrel tasting in our Barrel Room of future wines with Futures being offered at wholesale prices.   Club Members and Favorite Customers only are invited to come with guests on the first two weekends of the month or by appointment midweek.   This is a complimentary event with light snacks.  Club Members and Favorite Customers who are unable to come and barrel taste are given the opportunity to buy Futures though March 31.

May Wine Club Luncheon – Club Members are invited to the winery on the 3rd Saturday in May between 11-3pm for a light lunch served outdoors where they can taste current release wines, pick up club shipments or Futures.  This is a complimentary event paired with special pricing on select wines.

April Passport to Dry Creek Valley – This is our largest event of the year where we participate with other Dry Creek wineries to showcase the wines from our unique appellation.  We serve exceptional gourmet food prepared and served  by professional caters, live music featuring Italian pop and classical music, a decorated theme setting and great social engagement with wine lovers who come from far and near for this popular sell out event. This is a ticketed event sponsored by the Winegrowers of Dry Creek Valley. We offer our Club Members exclusive rights to buy Passports before they go on sale to the general public. This event  sells out quickly.

For Passport 2016 we will have again the fabulous Steve Albini band playing and singing pop Italian classics. Our favorite chef Todd Muir will also return serving stuffed canneloni made with braised pork, spinach, riccota cheese and two sauces then finish with his delicious chocolate mousse cake dusted with almond praline. We will have100 Two Day and 40 Sunday Passports available for our exclusive VIP customers.  These Passports can be purchased online through 1/15/16. To purchase during this special intial VIPoffer, go to:


After 1/15/16 Passports will go on public sale beginning 2/1/16.

June Summer Solstice Dinner – By invitation to Club Members and their guests where a exceptional full five course dinner is prepared and served with all our current release wines.   Dining is in a lovely setting outdoors adjacent to our rose gardens & vineyards.  This is an all inclusive  ticketed event with space for 60 Club Members and guests.  Early reservation is encouraged.   Special wine pricing is offered to all guests that evening.

Group Tours of Vineyards & Winery – Private tour of the vineyard and winery can be arranged by appointment for small groups up to 30 and are conducted by either the vineyard manager or owner.  This includes a visit to the vineyard with discussion on the grapes we grow, our unique methods of farming and our history.  Vineyard tour is followed by a tour of the winery where guests are introduced to our style of winemaking with a discussion on  winemaking equipment , cellar operations and bottling.  A private tasting is conducted in the barrel room with light snacks and special pricing is offered on select wines to those on the tour.  Tour lasts about 1 hour.