In Memory of 2014 Passport To Dry Creek Valley

Passport 2014 is over but the memories live on.  What a great weekend we had with guests and friends coming from all over.   Our Tuscan Passport theme "Under the Forchini Sun" was challenged as we had thundershowers on Friday, overcast and cool on Saturday,  but on Sunday  the weather was mild and sunny.  We entertained 1100 guests over the 3 day event.  Chef Todd Muir's stuffed ricotta canoli was superb and his chocolate coated cream puffs were a delight.  Steve Albini's band had everyone tuned in especially when 2 walk on vocalists (Tony & Carlos) chipped in with Steve to do Italian pop classics.  Here's some pictures of what you missed. 


  Mike & Larry  pour at the Outside Canopy Bar         Todd Muir putting out the canoli & cream puffs

       Diane & Anita checked in 1100 guests           Tasting outdoors on a mild  overcast Saturday         

Top gun salesman Larry knows all the wine facts     Cher enjoys a good laugh in a busy Tasting Room

August - October 2014   The New Vintage Harvest

What could be more important for a Special Event than the new vintage harvest.  All the hard work going into the vintage year starting with pruning in late 2013 and carrying over to 2014 with spring cover crop & canopy management, combined with appropriate sprays and dusts to control plant disease,and  irrigation and cluster thinning is all at stake.  When you have completed these chores you can proceed to check out and make repairs as neccessary to all your trucks, trailers, tractors, bins, loaders, and winery equipment.  You are then ready  go out and line up a harverst and cellar  crew and  presto you are finally ready to begin harvest.  We are always anxious and  ready to go but first the grapes have to cooperate.  We need certain chemistry in the grapes to move forward. such as sugar brix,  total acidity, ph and flavor.  When it comes to our estate produced wines we make the call when to pick; when it comes to grapes sold under contract to other wineries, they make the call.  It can become a real juggling act to accomodate everyone especially if there are predicted weather problems with rain or heat.  That's the fun of it....a real challenge and lots of hard work until finished.


November 1 & 2, 2014 TASTING ALONG THE WINE ROAD
We will be participating in the Wine Road's Wine & Food Affair along with 100 other wineries from Dry Creek, Alexander, and Russian River Valleys.  For tickets and information on this event please go to  Advance ticket sales only.  No tickets will be sold at the door.

April 25 & 26, 2015   Passport To Dry Creek Valley
Mark your calenders for next year's Passport as this event sells out early.  Tickets will go on sale 2/1/2015 but we will have a limited number of Passports to sell to our Club Members.  Watch for our notices soon on how to get VIP tickets or you may contact the Dry Creek Valley Winegrowers at