2002 Cabernet Sauvignon
Bacchino Malato

When it came time for us to decide on the look of our wine labels, we chose Caravaggio for several reasons. First, we have always admired and loved his paintings. He lived a controversial and passionate life that was reflected in his work that he pursued with equal zeal. His passion for painting seemed to perfectly reflect our own love for wine-making and makes the connection of fine wine with fine art.

Michelangelo Merisi is the real name of the Italian artist who painted these beautiful portraits used on our labels. Born in 1571, he was called Caravaggio after the small town outside of Milan where he was raised. Creating many classic masterpieces in the late Renaissance period under commission to the Church of Rome and wealthy patrons, he was renown for his impressionistic work, with its dramatic contrasts between light and dark and still life realism.

He started his apprenticeship at age 13 under the Milanese artist Peterzano and moved to Rome in 1592. In 1593 he painted "Bacchino Malato" which we have chosen for our Cabernet label. This early self-portrait shows his promising talent for portrait and color. Shortly after, he painted "Boy With Fruit Basket" used on our Pinot label. His work soon caught the attention of the Roman Cardinal DelMonte who became his first wealthy patron. One commission painted for the Cardinal was "Bacchus" which appears on our Zinfandel label.

After leaving the protectorate of the Cardinal in 1600, his personal behavior between commissions became reckless and confrontational. He challenged Church doctrine on artistic presentation, provoked skirmishes, and had many run-ins with the police. His violent temperament culminated with the 1606 murder of an opponent over a disputed call in a tennis game. He fled Rome and became a fugitive with an attached death sentence.

He continued painting many classics while on the run, getting as far as Malta before he was finally captured and jailed. However Caravaggio managed to escape until he was again arrested in 1609 in Naples. After pleading for mercy through Cardinal Borghese in Rome, he was finally granted a Papal pardon. In 1610, on his return journey to Rome, Caravaggio died. He was 39 years old. This extraordinary artist is still recognized today as one of the greatest of all times.

2003 Pinto Noir
Boy With Fruit Basket
2002 Zinfandel