Dateline:     April 17, 2017

Spring Season Arrives To The North Coast….Really?

Spring Season is here but does anybody believe it?  Gray, misty, rainy weather has continued  through the first 3 weeks of April.  Over 70 inches of rain has kept vineyards wet and muddy and workers needed raincoats to finish pruning before bud break.  Bud break was about 10 days later than normal and vines struggled to push due to below normal temperatures.   The good news is no frost to date, plenty of water in State reservoirs and rivers, and heavy snowpack in the Sierras.  After complaining about drought and water rationing for 4 years, Mother Nature’s guilt finally overcame her......she delivered more than enough rain & snow and all of California is happy.   

Vineyard News

In spite of a slow staggered start we are seeing some nice clusters and counts on the vines.  With all the wet weather and lack of sun, we are concerned about molds & fungus because it has been difficult to apply timely fungicides due to wet ground.  Wet weather delayed our installation of rain water storage tanks but we finally managed to get the pad prepared in late March and with only 2 ½ inches of rain all storage tanks were filled by gravity.  We are in the process of installing the solar panel and pump that will transfer water from storage tanks up to winery irrigation tanks that will furnish water for winery landscape.   Spring lambing was a success with 10 lambs out of 12 surviving the inclement weather conditions.  The husbandry and rain water collection system is part of our commitment to sustainable agriculture and compliments our solar powered vineyard pumps and lighting for winery buildings.

Winery News

Our new Russian River 2016 Chardonnay was released on 4/9/17 and it is a beauty.    I consider it our best to date.  It will be shipped with the May Club shipment but can be purchased now on our website shopping cart or in the tasting room.  We are proud to say all our current release wines are Gold Medal winners in major competition and if you liked the 2013 Papa Nonno you had better hurry as only 19 cases remain.  Barrel Tasting this year was a great success and 91 cases of Futures on 2016 wines were sold to Club Members and past Future Buyers.   We are preparing for our largest event of the year “Passport to Dry Creek Valley:” which will be held on April 29 &30.   Special pricing on the wines will be available that weekend only for Passport holders or tasting room customers on 4/28.  We are hoping for good weather and turnout for this spectacular event and you can learn more details by going to our Special Event link.  Our Winemaker’s Dinner will be held this year on July 15th so mark your calendar as limited space is available.  More details on the dinner will be forthcoming soon and Club Members will be given advanced notice by email.

Hope to see you out our way soon to enjoy our wines in our tasting room and gardens.  Bring a lunch and enjoy the serenity of our vineyards up close and the panoramic views of Dry Creek Valley.  Cheers!

Jim Forchini, Owner/Winemaker