If you enjoy our wines there are benefits to becoming a Forchini Wine Club Member. We have two Wine Clubs which offer membership privileges and additional savings on our  wines. You must be 21 years of age to be a member and reside in a State where we can ship to.  There are no sign-up fees and no fees to terminate membership.

You must maintain membership for a minimum of one year in which  you will receive 3 bottles shipped 3 times for a total of 9 bottles before cancelling.

Winemaker's Daughter
Carla, the winemaker's daughter, is the inspiration & creator of Carla's Cellar Club.  The winery  personally selects our best Current Release, Pre-Release and Library wines for each Cellar Club selection.

To join Carla's Cellar Club, sign up in our Tasting Room, e-mail wine@forchini.com, telephone the Winery at 707-431-8886, send us a fax at 707-431-8881 (printable PDF), or signup on-line.

Click Here to:

A.  Signup as a new member
B.  Update your existing membership details on-line.


Carla's Cellar Club Membership Privileges:

No membership  fee to enroll

3 selected wines shipped 3 times a year (February, May & October)

15% off on the 3 bottle shipments

15% discount on 1-11 bottles 
 (mix or match)
25% off case purchases
  (mix or match)

Complimentary Tasting Room Tasting

Extra Discounts On Special Offerings

Exclusive access to Library and
Pre-Release Wines

Invitation to exclusive Carla's Cellar
Club and other Trade Special Events!


A glass of Forchini Cab

Bacchus Case Club

Our Bacchus Case Club Membership is currently closed. We are not accepting any new members at this time. 

A note to our current Bacchus Case Club Members: As long as you continue to purchase a minimum of one case per year, your membership status in the Bacchus Case Club will be maintained. If you do not re-order within one year, your membership will no longer be valid and the 25% case discount will no longer apply.