It has been a while since posting a new recipe but having just bottled new releases of 2015 Chardonnay and  Paradiso Rosato, the urge to reveal a new winemaker's  recipe could not be held back.  This comforting meal will pair well with either of these wines and will be a satisfying reward after a hard days work whether you work in a winery or not,

Cellar Master Chicken w/ Kale & Vegetables
J. Forchini     May 10, 2016  

( Notice no specific measures are given for seasoning or quantity of ingredients. No need for measuring cups and spoons i.e. it is a matter of propotions, cooking time and preference of the cook determined by taste, sight and smell.  If you've had any experience in the kitchen, you'll get it

1.  In a large enameled or cast iron dutch oven, use medium heat and lightly saute crushed garlic with an Italian or 21 seasoning herb mix.  Salt & pepper free range chicken thighs then place in the oil/herb mix and brown on all sides.

2.  Add  sliced white onions, chopped red russian kale, russet potatos cut into 1/8 quarter pieces, and sliced carrots.  Season with salt & pepper to taste.  

3. Add white wine and chicken stock in equal proportion up to a level that slightly covers the
combined mix of meat & vegetables.  Slowly bring mixture to a low boil then place cover on the dutch oven and lower heat.  Inspect and stir periodically, add more liquid if required and cook until chicken is tender or approximately 1 hour.

4.  Ladle chicken and vegetables together to large soup bowls with the cooking juices and sprinkle with chopped Italian flat leaf parsely.

5.  Serve with sour dough bread spread w/ extra virgin olive oil or butter and most importantly 2-3 glasses of Forchini Estate Russian River Chardonnay or the Dry Creek Paradiso Rosato.     Enjoy!