2002 Cabernet Sauvignon
Bacchino Malato
Borghese Gallery

2002 Zinfandel
Uffizi Gallery


When it came time for us to decide on the look of our wine labels we chose European fine art to decorate our bottles and make the connection of fine wine with fine art,  The renoun Italian artist Caravaggio (1571-1610) is the master behind the artwork. Origional paintings are found in the Uffizi and Borghese Galerias in Florence and Rome as well as many churches and galleries in Italy.   His passion for painting is in common with our passion for winemaking.


   Our labels are a designer series 
   where each wine has a distinct
   different Caravaggio portrait
   designed to draw attention to
   the wine contents and back
   label description.
   Approval for use of the labels was obtained from the
   superintendent of fine art at the 
   respective gallery and credit is
   given to both the artist and
   gallery on the labels.

  Boy with Basket of Fruit          Basket of Fruit
      Borghese Gallery              Pinacoteca Gallery Milan