Moveable semi-automatic estate bottling line.
4 man crew, 70cs/hr, pallet to pallet.

Jim co-ferments red w/ white for the  Papa Nonno
                     Tuscan style red

      2 ton open top stainless fermenting tanks.
       Manuel punch down for gentle extraction 

The winery has a 3000 case production capacity.   Jim believes winemaking begins in the vineyard with vineyard design and management plus terroir as the major influence on fruit quality. He believes his job is to develop the wine towards a consistent signature style which results from choices made on harvesting parameters, processing equipment, and cellar decisions. He is a big proponent of co-fermenting grapes  together at primary fermentation to get added complexity rather than blending component wines after fermentation.  Wines are aged a minimum of 18-22 months in small 228L. French & American oak barrels.  New oak is balanced with neutral oak to enhance fruit flavors and wines are polished filtered prior to bottling.  The winery has ten 2-ton open top stainless fermenters, 16,800 gallon barrel storage capacity, 30,000 gallon stainless steel tank  capacity, and complete in-house capability for bottling & labeling 500 cases of wine per day.

Jim believes being a small producer working with estate grown fruit and complete control over cellar operations & bottling gives him an extra advantage in producing  premium award winning wines.

 Jim with hand picked estate Cabernet Sauvignon
          In line for processing at the destemer